mardi 30 mai 2017

Evergraph makes lithophanes from your images

You may have clicked through just to find out what a lithophane is. A Lithophane is an artwork that has been molded or etched into a thin material (originally this was done on translucent porcelain) and can only be seen when the artwork is backlit. Think of it kind of like a 3D version of a photo negative. This type of artwork was first produced almost 200 years ago, but you can get one now from Evergraph.

Evergraphs are available in small plug-in nightlight versions, larger framed LED backlit versions and a version that can be hung in a window for natural backlighting.

The Evergraphs are made of a hard, non-porous material that has been etched with your custom image.

The small nightlight version is priced at $67, the wood-framed version is priced at $169 – $289, and the window Evergraphs are priced at $59 – $119. For more info visit

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Evergraph makes lithophanes from your images

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