lundi 16 octobre 2017

Memobottle is a slim way to stay hydrated

I’ve been trying to get better about staying hydrated throughout the day. In addition to the fitness and health benefits, I just feel better when I’m hydrated. To that end, I’ve been on the lookout for unique containers to carry water, and I stumbled on Memobottle. Its unique shape is what caught my eye. Memobottle has a rectangular footprint with a relatively flat aspect ratio, about the size of a medium-sized textbook. What I like about this is that it is slim and can slide right in with your notebooks, laptop, and other ECD items into your backpack, purse or gear bag and its aspect ratio means that it won’t be bulky like most water bottles, which are cylindrical. It’s also made from reusable, washable, BPA-free plastic. Available in two sizes, the more petite 375mL A6 ($28) and the larger 750mL A5 ($36). Visit for more info and Amazon to order.

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Memobottle is a slim way to stay hydrated

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