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Firebiner is a carabiner that can make fire

If you like multi-tasking tools, you’ll want to check out the Firebiner from Outdoor Element. The Firebiner is a stainless steel carabiner that’s available in several colors and has a titanium coating. It works like traditional carabiners to let you hook things like your keyring to your belt or bag.

The Firebiner carabiner is rated for 50 lbs, but it also has a few built-in tools that set it apart from an ordinary carabiner.

It has a couple slots that you can use to attach items, a safety blade that can be used to cut different types of cord and fishing line, a bottle opener, screwdriver tip, and a spark Wheel that can help you start a fire.

The spark wheel is made of steel which scratches against a ferro rod to create a spark. The Firebiner comes with a ferro rod already installed along with some extras.

The Firebiner is $14.95 through Outdoor Element where you can read more about it. You can also find info on The Grommet and order through Amazon.

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Firebiner is a carabiner that can make fire

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