lundi 26 juin 2017

Read the news with NOOZ reading glasses

So, it’s official I am now my grandpa. How is that you may ask? Well, I will tell you, I need to carry reading glasses everywhere I go. The problem for me is that my options for carrying my readers get kind of limited with the size of most reading glasses. I do have some foldable ones that fit in my pocket but those can be a little bulky and I tend to forget them. I have ones that I can wear around my neck but hey I don’t want to look geeky everywhere I go. Enter NOOZ reading glasses from NOOZ optics. 

NOOZ glasses come in round and oval shapes and clip onto your nose.  A small case is included with the glasses that you can attach to your keychain or any other object you desire. The NOOZ has scratch proof Polycarbonate lenses and comes in strengths ranging from +1 to +3 in +.5 increments and are available in several colors. At a cost of $19.95 from the NOOZ website, you can take the grandpa and grandma out of your readers.

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Read the news with NOOZ reading glasses originally appeared on on June 26, 2017 at 6:38 am.

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Read the news with NOOZ reading glasses

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